A peer-reviewed journal by Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University



     The BEST consist of the following features: Review papers, Research papers, Discussion, and Scientific Notes. Papers intended for publication in the BEST should be based on the results of original work carried out by the author(s) not only in Thailand but also any part of the world. It is a distinct contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the selected field and should not have been communicated elsewhere for publication in part or whole.

     In 2010, BEST has improved the editorial board by adding more specialists leading to the extension of papers to be published in BEST to cover all branches of physical sciences category. Editor-in-chief has also changed to Professor Dr. Montri Choowong. All physical science research results are welcome.

     In the case of multi-author papers it is presumed that all the authors are involved in the work. The length of the full research paper should be kept within 5,000 words which is equivalent to 8 uninterrupted pages of the journal. Longer papers are also acceptable but are likely to be delayed in publication. Each paper should be accompanied by a short informative abstract not exceeding 250 words summarizing the main points made in the paper. Citation of literature should be avoided in the abstract. Keywords are also required with the maximum of 6 words. The aims and objectives or purpose of the paper should be given in the introduction.



Current Volumes

Volume 13 Number 1 – Earth Sciences